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Living Beyond Brokenness Is Within Reach

Live & Online Coaching

with Sandi Jannotte

Meet Sandi

Certified Life Coach

 Hi, I am Sandi Jannotte. I am a wife, mom, Grandma and l am a Life coach. While I went to School and graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Life coaching and Psychology. Much of my Life coaching program is based off real life experiences. I have a faith-based program that centers around value, identity and moving beyond any brokenness you may have experienced.

Mountainous Views

What I Specialize In


Your Value


Your Confidence


Self Awareness


Your Triggers

Moving Past & Moving Forward

Emotional Health comes through Recognizing Brokenness 

I have known Sandi for almost 20 years now and her efforts and successes are many! An active listener, Sandi understands and values the process of lifelong learning, growth and development.

 Sandi applies her life coaching skills with compassion, understanding, kindness,positivity and love. She is flexible, yet firm in her beliefs and will coach and lead with great passion towards shared goals.

- Ron
Las Vegas, NV

Sandi not only has the skill set, but the experience and drive to help others (through Christ) to come to full healing. She listens and creates a plan fit to overcome any obstacle that has or may arise. Taking the time to guide one step at a time, without it becoming overwhelming. She uses biblical scriptures to guide you towards Gods promises and truths. I can say for myself that she has helped me to walk in faith and overcome everyday struggles successfully. I would recommend Sandi Jannotte as a life coach if you want someone who would be able to go the extra mile with you to work towards beyond brokenness.

- Bety
Colorado Springs, CO

Sandi helps you recognize patterns of defeat and overcome them. I've watched her help many men and women struggling with their weaknesses.

- Stephen Hibdon
        Lead Pastor, Newsong

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